Son of Incogneato (re)enters the Blogosphere

"And don't come back, ya lazy bum!"

I'm Baaack!
(See Son Returns! page to find out why)

The Keeper of the Gate (watercolor on paper)

Quietus (watercolor on paper)

People ask me; is she dead? Sleeping? Dreaming? I'm not sure; perhaps all three.

Arboreus (watercolor on paper)

Parzival (watercolor on paper)

Parzival is one of my favorite literary figures, although my main source is
the Wolfram Von Eschenbach story, Parzival, not Le Morte d'Arthur. Here's my attempt to portrait the legendary Grail knight in one of his lonelier moments.
For interested parties, here is Parzival underway: Parzival in steps

Venus Catenatus (watercolor on paper)

Domus (watercolor on paper)

The Wanderer (watercolor on paper)

Dragonwood (pen & ink on paper)

You can be sure of a warm welcome if you take the old castle road through Dragonwood . . .

Peregrinus (watercolor on paper)

IF: Dusty
Except for the occasional oasis it was a dry and dusty land ...

Entangled (watercolor and colored pencil on paper)

Exspecto (watercolor on paper)

I did a pencil sketch for the tree earlier. You can see it here at Tree Study.
As is probably rather obvious, I am uncommonly fond of trees.

Decipio (watercolor on paper)

Castellum (watercolor on paper)

You can see the step by step process of this painting at this link Castellum from start to finish .

Succubus (watercolor on paper)

The heart of a succubus is forever vacant . . .

The Oracle (watercolor on paper)

Strength in Stone, Wood and Words . . .

The Wizard's Abode (watercolor on paper)

Another Time, Another Place (color inks on paper)

This is one my earliest paintings, back when I was experimenting with colore inks. When I say earlier, that would mean that it’s probably older than many of you viewing it.
Perhaps of interest to my future biographer: the yellow/orange plant-thing in the middle right foreground is taken from an even earlier painting, which is my very first acrylic painting and can be viewed here; Alien Plantlife .
As with many of my paintings and drawings, I have no idea where either of these pieces are, or if they indeed still exist at all.

The Ever Winding Path (pen & ink on paper)

Climbing the path of knowing, one must sometimes make leaps of faith . . .
For those who are interested; here's the path this drawing took, from
beginning to end - The Ever Winding Path

Venator (watercolor on paper)

The beast in his lair, guarding his hoard of stolen treasures . . .