The Keeper of the Gate (watercolor on paper)

3 have said their bit, now it's your turn:

DragonLady said...

There are so many levels to attract the eye with this one, though I feel drawn strongly to the jagged peaks and clouds/mist. I loved watching the process of you creating this piece.

Alex said...

such a depth of detail - took me a long while to notice the 'keeper' - freaked me out when I did, Great work

Adam Foster-Fahy said...

Very impressive level of attention to detail, and when I read Alex's comment about a 'Keeper' I went back to have a second look and also got a bit of a start when I spotted him (even after Alex's warning!)

I think the tonal range and level of detial being so consistent across the whole image can detract from the image's overall impact, as with the above example, important elements can be overlooked as the audience isnt being directed appropriately to the focal point of the image.

Great design though and good use of negative space with the cloud bank on the left of the image. Nice stuff here ;)