Wasted (pen & ink on paper)

This is an illustration from a semi-autobiographical novel I wrote a couple of years ago - The Beauregarde Affair. It attempts to depict my state of being after a particularly vicious three-day-long party. I felt as if my plug had been pulled; I was devoid of life-juice. 'Tom for strøm', as they say in Norwegian.
Not to be recommended for the uninitiated.

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pixo said...

Very nice drawing with the look of an etching. The contrast of expression between the cover mask and the exposed face is great.

benconservato said...

woo! It does indeed look like an etching. Beautiful!

Connie said...

Very cool technique.

Son of Incogneato said...

Many thanks for the kind comments.
Interesting; it never occurred to me that this looks like an etching.

I’ve always felt that there is something special about working in black and white. The results are usually crisp, clear and definitive.