Livet I Trærne Er Herlig! (watercolor on paper)

This is an awful photo of this painting. It was given away as a wedding gift and I had forgotten to take a photo of it before it left my hands. I asked the recipients if they could make a photo of it for me (they live in Vienna, which is kind of far from here), and they did the best they could. The water is in fact light green, not beige, and the colors are generally more brilliant.
Thanks to digital photography I’ve gotten much better at taking photos of my work. That means the newer ones are truer to the way they actually look, some of the older ones being ‘altered’ by crappy light or whatever.

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Anonymous said...

Det hadde vært gøy å se bildene dine live. Man trenger tid til å se hele specteret i hvert maleri. Du er god!