Worn (pen & ink on paper)

He should have worn something when he answered the phone.
This is a little cartoon I did for a university paper. A young man living in the student apartments was complaining after a cleaning lady surprised him au natural when he hopped out of the shower to answer the phone in the hall. The moral of this story is that you should never be naked because there are cleaning ladies lurking about everywhere.
Extra points if you can guess what ‘det mannlige lem’ is. Scandinavians not allowed to participate.
Btw; I did another cartoon when the cleaning lady replied in the next issue. If anyone is interested I can post it, too.

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ArtSnark said...

fun interpretation of prompt

ArtSparker said...

You really are going to have to start drawing again soon...those drawers must be getting pretty low. "Det mannlige lem" sure sounds like it means the same thing as "Schwannstucke" auf Deutsch. Thanks for the glimpse into your muckraking journalist days.

Tammie Lee said...

snicker snicker,
you just never know who is lurking!

Son of Incogneato said...

Thank you Snark. I had major doubts, but as I am running out of stuff (re: Artsparker’s comment) I use what I’ve got left.

Schwanstücke; well shiver me timbers, a German vulgarity that I am unfamiliar with. Nevertheless, combing the words Schwanz and Stücke - I’m pretty sure we arrive, in my mind, at pretty much the same place as ‘det mannlige lem’.
My muckraking journalist days were rather short. Three or four drawings and then I moved on to international fame and fortune. They paid me 100 kroner a shot and that was good for about two beers, to put things in perspective.

‘You just never know who is lurking!’ Indeed. I have been known to do some serious lurking myself. And somehow, albeit lacking hand-fast proof, I’d wager you have, too. I’d go so far as to say that lurking can, under the proper circumstances, be quite refreshing and beneficial for the soul.