Son Returns!

I used to have a blog on GeoCities back in the nineties. Painstakingly constructed of HTML code, like a demanding but unloved pet it eventually became neglected and finally disappeared. I don’t know exactly where it went. But now I’m back!

Here on The Return of Son of Incogneato I’ll be featuring my diverse and sundry paintings, drawings and doodles. At least those made semi-eternal in the form of photographs. Needless to say my older stuff is more poorly represented than the newer work (no digital cameras back in the 70’s), but that’s life. Some of this stuff took me five minutes to knock out while sitting in boring meetings, other pieces took months. I’ve recently noticed that there doesn’t appear to be a very strong correlation between length of time used and the successfulness of the finished piece. That's art for you.

Comments are of course very welcome and much appreciated but I seldom respond to them. This is not because I am an ingrate, it's more that I generally don’t know what to say other than thanks for dropping by. So let me now say; thanks for dropping by and I hope you find something of interest here.

NB: Lower down on the page you will also find a link to my out-of-print book, The Beauregarde Affair. Consider it a portal, a time machine, taking you tripping back to the Spaced-out Seventies. If you are interested, let me know, I still have a few copies floating around.


NB: I’ve now moved all my non-artwork posts (with their attendant comments) over to my other blog, Son of Incogneato’s Awesome Revenge. Son’s Return will be used exclusively for my own artwork posts whereas everything else, such as cruel and unusual punishment involving hamsters and avocado trees, will be posted at Son’s Revenge.