Woolly Bully (pen & ink on paper)

Many years ago I lived on a commune together with some people who were very seriously into wool. I mean Very Seriously. To be fair, this was in Norway and it tends to be quite chilly in the winter months. Still, I felt they went overboard with their wool socks, wool underwear (!!!), wool mittens, wool jackets, wool hats, wool slippers, wool sweaters, wool pantyhose and everything else wool that they packed themselves into. They even had wool jewellery. And of course it was all raw, organic wool, extra itchy.
Me, I’m allergic to the stuff; I break out in hives at the mere sight of a wool scarf. Anyhow, to show them how little I appreciated their strange fetish I made this drawing mocking them and their woollen wrappings. The text, which is in Norwegian, is even more condescending.
I guess that makes me a woolly bully. (Scrift and text - Kristin Hertzberg)

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INDIGENE said...

Lol! He looks stuffed! Clever concept and interesting post, too!


Son of Incogneato said...

Thanks, Indigene, you are always there with a nice word or two. Much appreciated.


ArtSparker said...

Furriness -Looks like a polar explorer by Edward Gorey. What an idiosyncratic sensibility you have! Bet you have interesting tastes in reading material.

Son of Incogneato said...

Edward Gorey – what a compliment! As for an idiosyncratic sensibility; I’m not entirely sure what that means yet at the same time feel that’s me in a nutshell. As to my taste in reading material – I noticed on your profile that you have listed the Odyssey as one of your favs. I reread it a year or so ago. The mother – literally – of all stories. Fantastic stuff.


Tammie Lee said...

ah, if only I could read what you have to say in this piece! My loss I am sure. Looks a wee bit claustrophobic in all the woolen gear. Me, I love soft wooly cashmere!

Frøken_Meg said...

Godt og se at flere enn meg begynner og tenke på vinteren, det kan være hustrig ute nå, Neste gang du skal ha noe farget av villsauene får du prøve soppfarging:) men mye blir grått de første gangene selv om du har dekket den fargen. Men litt farge skulle vi klart og få på deg.

Anonymous said...

cool! i adore the weleda biodynamisk undershirt ;-)
this guy is ready for a south pole expedition on foot!