Transportation (watercolor and color inks on paper)

This is a page from a strip that I worked on back in the 70’s in collaboration with a writer who had recently published a story in Heavy Metal magazine. He had the story – Epera of the Solar Winds – I would illustrate it and Heavy Metal would publish it. ‘Heavy Metal magazine! Finally, I’m on my way to fame and fortune!’, I thought. Right. I got halfway through the drawings when the writer called me and said that the editor of Heavy Metal had called him. She informed him that they were no longer taking in new material as they already had enough for the next two years or so.
My life has gone downhill ever since …

In any case, here's Epera, an interstellar witch (Like I said, I didn’t write this stuff) being transported on the back of her trusty, um, flying penisaurus or whatever it is.

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Tammie said...

such a sad sad story.... if only they had seen your art, surely they would have made an exception!

Son of Incogneato said...

Tammie, you are, as always, too kind. And probably right.
No, just kiddin’. I am merely a hobby artist.
Like youe new avatar.
- Son